27 September 2009

a day to remember...

na magdasal....
na tumulong....
na matuto....

24 September 2009

If I were rich...

I'd buy all these for myself as an early Christmas gift:

1. “Not a Point & Shoot. Not an SLR … It’s a PEN.” A cool looking camera, it's like an old analog camera, but really, it's digital. The Olympus E-P1®.

2. I'd love to have a new lense for my Canon SLR.

3. This Samsung Blu-ray disc player will look good on my wall.

4. I've heard good reviews about the Windows 7. The stability of XP and improved features of Vista combined.

5. A new computer station.

Ok now, reality check... I'm not rich. so maybe, just one of these.
But really, this Christmas, all I'm wishing for is... world peace. ;-)☺☺☺

20 September 2009

Life List....

i so agree with these...

The most destructive habit : Worry
The greatest joy: Giving
The most endangered species: Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource: Our youth
The greatest “shot in the arm”: Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome: Fear
The most effective sleeping pill: Peace of mind
The most crippling disease: Excuses
The most powerful force in life: Love
The most destructive pariah: Gossip
The most incredible computer: The human brain
The worst thing to be without: Hope
The deadliest weapon: The tongue
The two most powerful words: Can do
The greatest asset: Faith
The most worthless emotion: Self-pity
The worst thing you can lose: Self-respect
The most satisfying work: Helping others
The ugliest personality trait: Selfishness
The most beautiful attire: A smile!
The most prized possession: Integrity
The most contagious spirit: Enthusiasm

16 September 2009

Random thoughts from a 4 by 4 room...

i really hate hospitals... everything about it, the smell, the noise, and the fact that if you need to go there, most of the time it means that you or someone you care about is not well. If you are not going to see a new baby, it's just not worth it...First of all, the rooms all seem so small no matter how much you pay per night or per day. Staying to care for someone means that you are probably going to sit all day, but hooray, it also means you now have time to catch up on your reading, update blog, watch the tv shows you've been missing some episodes of, and finally opening the envelopes you've been ignoring since you don't really need to see the bills, thanks to direct debit.
My mother needs to have blood transfusion, 4 bags is what she needs. Her vitals need to be checked every 15 minutes during the course of transfusion and no offense to my nurse friends but for Pete's sakes, why do they need to come in groups all the time, 1 nurse for body temp, 1 for blood pressure, 1 for checking if the flow of blood is just about right, and another one who does nothing...what the?!
Steamed fish - unsalted and smells like it's fresh out of the fisherman's net
Steamed rice - overcooked
steamed vegetables - not cooked enough
small slice of papaya - why is it still green?
Goodluck eating that mother!
You can't help but be thankful to all the relatives and friends who make time to show that they care. And the more visitors you have in a day, the more food supply you get... goldilocks rolls, fortune hopia ube, cookies, biscuits, mamon, red ribbon to name a few.
Long time:
Sometimes, hospital can also be a place where you'll be reminded that you know a lot of other people... like highschool batchmates who work at the front desk of the hospital, gradeschool friends who are also employees, a distant cousin who is also there for a loved one, and an old neighbor who is waiting for his new baby's arrival. Not a nice place for such reacquaintances...
amidst all the complaints and these good but fattening food, bottomline: the patient is doing okay.. so thank you OLPMC, you've been good to our family for the past few years...

15 September 2009


Indeed! Kanye West once again proved what a stupid arse he is for what he did during the acceptance speech of Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Yes, Taylor Swift is not that good and there's probably another artist who truly deserved that award but that? he just embarassed himself! He's always been like that and this is the case where you can say "...like the music but not so much the person!" oh well! Okay, he's forgiven... next album...

09 September 2009

Represent! Aquino all the way...

Sen. Noynoy officially announced that he is running for President in the 2010 elections... here's hoping and praying that, win or lose, he'll continue to make real the promise of democracy that his father died for and his mother fought for...


i wanna get my hands on these tribute stamps... hope the 70,000 pieces that philpost released today is not yet sold out by the time i'm free to go to the post office.

06 September 2009

u-BER excited!

In some countries, including the Philippines, Christmas can be felt as soon as the ber months start and true enough, malls have started stocking up with Christmas ornaments on this 1st week of September. It doesn't matter if no one really buys anything yet... it's there and it's discounted even. Last year, the Christmas motif in the house was silver and blue, bit boyish/masculine in honor of my nephew's first ever Christmas. This year I'm thinking, it should be colorful, Disney-themed, since all my 3 nephews and niece will be in the Phils. this coming holidays. But that's a few more weeks from now, there's still a Christening and a 60th Birthday party to organize and celebrate before December.

03 September 2009


2 movies I'm hoping to see this weekend...
I'm not really sure about district 9 but due to unexpected good reviews, it's kind of tempting to go see this movie. Anyway, I can always use the movie theater as a sleeping place, in case the story doesn't maintain my attention span.
Kimmy Dora! :) I'm not losing hope in Filipino comedy movies...