18 September 2010

The New Twitter

new design will be available to all users over the next several weeks. via twitter.com

14 September 2010

Call me up when September ends...

because I will be busy watching all these shows premiering this month...

photos from: cwtv.com

02 September 2010

Awesome Chef

One of the things I daydream about is myself as a renowned chef. I love watching cooking shows such as Iron Chef, Two Fat Ladies, Barefoot Contessa, The Naked Chef,  Oliver's Twist and a lot more. This inspiring story made me jealous but I also thought that if she was able to do it in spite of her condition, what was my excuse to not follow my dreams or even try to take a step forward in achieving this goal or any goal for that matter? Hmmm. tamad lang.

This is the story of Maricel Apatan:

Alive Again

I've been watching Royal Pains lately and I just love this series. The story is about Hank, a doctor wrongly accused for the death of a benefactor of the hospital he's working for in NYC. When he was dismissed from his job, he had another chance to do what he loves doing. He became a concierge doctor in the Hamptons. It's currently on hiatus as series 2 just had it's mid-season finale on the 27th of August and will come back in January.
One of the regular characters is Boris(Campbell Scott), a rich mysterious German who gave Hank his job and a nice place to live in. Whenever I watch this series, I always wonder where I've seen this actor who plays Boris but too lazy to Google or Bing it. When I saw the finale last week, It suddenly came to me... he's that dying guy Julia Roberts cared for and fell in love with in the movie Dying Young. I remembered how much I love this movie, and not to mention, the soundtrack(some of the tracks have been used and reused by a few Hollywood movies and even Pinoy TV series).

 Campbell Scott in Dying Young (1991)

 in Royal Pains (2010)

Now here's one of the more familiar tracks: