14 January 2010

20 International Artists in Manila...

The date: 06 February 2010
The venue: MOA concert grounds
The show: Then and Now Concert Series
Now, the artists you might say are so 2000 and late. Some of them, we may even consider as really old news.. but NOT their music. This is an all hits concert and this might be the first time that you'd get to watch a show where all the songs that will be performed are familiar and you can just sing-a-long the entire time. The night will be a good good night! The place will be one giant KTV hang out. Here's the partial list of the artists who will perform and the songs I wish they would sing. Click the pictures to watch and listen to their hits.

Tracey Chapman - Baby, Can I hold You?, Fast Car

P.M. Dawn - I'd Die Without You

Frankie J. - Don't Wanna Try

Expose - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me, As Long as I can Dream

Baby Bash - That's How I go, Cyclone

TQ - Westside

Diana King - Shy Guy, I say a Little Prayer

JoJo - Leave (Get Out), Baby It's You

For full details, click here.

08 January 2010

Here are a few examples of how money and fame(?) can change(either a bit or dramatically) how someone looks ...


then... gwapo na rin naman talaga

at drum roll!


Drunk Mariah

This happened in the Palm Springs International Film Festival where she won the Breakthrough Artist Award for the movie Precious. I bet even her husband was hiding of humiliation while she was on stage. Sean Penn apparently joked and said "Someone's gonna be on YouTube tonight..." and he was right of course!

To see the full acceptance speech, click here.

03 January 2010

Busy Sunday....

Today, all the Christmas decorations in the house are down and kept in the boxes where it will again rest for the next 11 months. How sad...

And as part of my plans to organize a lot of stuff before the first month of the year ends, I started with my PC. I deleted all unnecessary files/programs/documents and organized my pictures, music and videos. My desktop used to be more than half-full of icons, after almost 3 hours... here it is: Yayyy!

Next, my movies... I threw away all the 'dibidis'(I believe, they're all disposable anyway.) and just left the DVDs on the shelf.

The books are now kept in an empty closet, I just left the unread ones out, which is just a total of three--- a Robert Kiyosaki , a Dan Brown and a Paulo Coelho.

Lastly, my BB.. deleted people I'm not in contact with anyway from my phonebook, also deleted old messages.

Tomorrow, my room and my niece and nephews' room.

King of Self Promotion Part 3

Sorry, I can't get over how Manny Villar invades all types of media... This time, it's YouTube!

In 2010...