31 May 2010

My telephone! M-m-my telephone!

Cellphones, mobile phones, who does not own at least one? Kids as young as 13 or maybe even 10 have mobile phones. The very first cellphone that I had was a second hand Bosch:

it was previously owned by my brother and he sold it to me when he upgraded io a new one. This was in 1999 and back then, you buy a phone, it will be in use for at least a year or maybe more. Now, I don't know what happened, I can't believe I've changed phones this much:

I'm sure there are a few more that I've forgotten. The cycle was buy, sell, buy, and so on... i realize now how much I could have saved.
The best phone I've had, so far: The HTC Hero
The things I love about this phone: the pre-installed apps(twitter, facebook, youtube); when you view your contacts, you can see their social network updates; GPS; android OS; SMS threaded view
Full specs here.

My niece accidentally broke my no-camera-single band-no-bluetooth samsung 2nd(more like back-up) phone recently, so I have this coming next week:

and I hope the madness ends here... well at least for now and the next few years.

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